Fighting the American Holocaust

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Exposing the LEGAL fallacies on Roe v. Wade

Exposing the MEDICAL fallacies on exceptions

Charting the path to LEGISLATIVE victory


Governing God’s Way presents Fighting the American Holocaust, an event to encourage Christians to join in the fight to end the American Holocaust of abortion in Texas. We will cut through the confusion behind the legal obstacles of the Supreme Court, the medical necessity for abortion in some cases, and chart the path forward to make legal abortions a sad part of our history. On September 23, 2017 we are bringing in experts from across the nation to inform, encourage, and equip the body of Christ to engage the culture on this issue. Join State Representative Tony Tinderholt, Matthew Harrison M.D., Attorney Bradley Pierce, and saline abortion survivor Gianna Jessen for a groundbreaking event that is sure to challenge your thoughts and move your spirit to action. Sign up today to reserve your seats. Our keynote speaker, Gianna Jessen, is a popular speaker that is sure to sell out this event.


Topics Covered:

Gianna Jessen:​ The Story of​ an Abortion Survivor

The Medical Unnecessity of Abortion

Legislative Path to Abolish Abortion in Texas (HB948)

​​Abortion, Supreme Court, and Equal Justice

​The Christian’s Response to Abortion ​