KayserPhillip Kayser – Founder and President of Biblical Blueprints, Phillip has degrees in education, theology, and philosophy. Ordained in 1987, he currently serves as Senior Pastor of Dominion Covenant Church, a conservative Presbyterian (CPC) church in Omaha, Nebraska. He also serves as Professor of Ethics at Whitefield Theological Seminary and President of the Providential History Festival.

Author of over 50 books and booklets, Dr. Kayser is passionate to see the Bible’s comprehensive blueprints applied to the family, the church, civil government, education, art, science, historiography, economics, business, and every area of life. For over 15 years, he has been involved in coaching church planters, mentoring seminary students, and teaching seminars on Biblical leadership internationally.

Dr. Kayser’s parents were missionaries in Ethiopia for 30 years, with SIM International, and he continues to have a passion for missions, making teaching trips to other countries and mentoring international leaders. He has given leadership to the Heartland Christian Ministries Conference, Evangelical Ministries Fellowship, CELNet, the National Strategy Council, and other evangelical organizations.

Dr. Kayser is a conference speaker on many subjects, and he has also applied Scripture to politics at three presidential candidate campaigns. He has been an occasional guest teacher and consultant at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, lecturing on the impact of various religions on culture, the Protestant Reformation’s impact on culture, the history of American economics, the philosophical underpinnings of American institutions, and recognizing cults. He and his wife Kathy have a growing family of 5 children and 9 grandchildren who love and serve the Lord.

simpsonDavid Simpson – David is a seventh generation Texan. He was born in Lubbock and grew up in Dallas, spending summers and weekends in East Texas at the family’s home place in Avinger, where his family settled in the mid 1800s. David and his family have lived in Longview since 2000. David and Susan Simpson have been married for 30 years. They have been blessed with seven children, ranging in age from eleven to twenty-eight. All are independent now except for the youngest two that are still at home. They also have three grandsons.

David is an active member of Grace Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant, where he has led its prayer meeting and occasionally taught.

David is President and Chief Executive Officer of Avinger Timber LLC, which owns and manages timberlands in several counties in northeast Texas. He also manages other small businesses, including Simpson Publishing Company, which he founded.

David Simpson was grateful to be elected State Representative of House District 7 in 2010 after defeating a seven-term incumbent in the March Republican primary. Representative Simpson has been ranked as one of the ten most conservative State Representatives for all three sessions he has served the people of East Texas.

Peter AllisonPeter Allison– Peter holds 5 engineering patents and is the author of Dollar Non¢ents, a book explaining why the Federal Reserve represents to our economy what Planned Parenthood represents to an unborn baby and what the Bible says about the economic disaster and devastation they perpetrate.  He writes on a variety of topics under a blog by the same name. Peter is the creator of Covenanted Christian Voters, a system designed to allow Christians to covenant together in nominating and voting for only biblically qualified candidates for public office.

Peter serves as the Pastor of Crown & Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church near Houston, TX where he lives with his wife Alice. They have 7 children and 2 grandchild (so far). He is a former submarine officer, naval nuclear engineer, headmaster, college instructor, and diamond grower (the ones made from carbon).

He graduated with Distinction from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and completed postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. Following a teaching assignment on the engineering faculty of the US Naval Academy, Peter resigned his commission in 1994 to avoid participation in the unconstitutional acts of aggression planned for the US armed forces.

Steve Toth

Steve Toth– Steve is a former Texas State Representative, an ordained minister and a local small business owner. Steve is an entrepreneur located in Montgomery County. He owns two small businesses, Acclaim Pools, a local design and build firm, and My PoolXpert, a pool maintenance company.

While a member of the Texas House, Representative Steve gained a reputation as a firebrand conservative. He authored and successfully passed several pieces of legislation, most notably the Federal Firearms Protection Act, making it a Class A misdemeanor to interfere with a Texan’s Second Amendment right, and the CSCOPE Transparency Act, which brought the liberal indoctrination curriculum known as Common Core under the oversight and approval of the State Board of Education.

Steve resides in Montgomery County with his wife of 31 years, Babette, and their three children. He is an ordained minister who has served as a teaching pastor and elder at WoodsEdge Community Church for 10 years.