Event Specifics

Location: North Houston Baptist Church

Date: September 23, 2017

Time: 9am – 8pm

Gianna Jessen will give her inspiring story as a saline abortion survivor. Talk to Gianna Jessen for just a few minutes and she’s likely to punctuate every sentence with a deep, infectious laugh. Talk to her for a while longer and, as her story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the constant joy has overcome unspeakable challenges. In many regards, her life has been a short path littered with obstacles at every turn: challenges, betrayal, and cruelty. But for every setback, there have also been invitations into the greatest halls of government. A life that was never meant to be has been used to inspire—even save— others. You see, Gianna Jessen was intended to die before she was born, just another one of the 1.2 million abortions each year in the United States. Instead of death, though, Gianna was bathed in a burning saline solution, but she overcame to enter the world. The failed abortion had also provided the “gift” of cerebral palsy, as she calls it: “It allows me to really depend on Jesus for everything.”

Dr. Matthew Harrison will speak on the medical unnecessity of abortion. Dr. Harrison has been at the forefront of the pro-life movement as the Associate Medical Director for Abortion Pill Reversal.

In North Carolina, Dr. Harrison has helped over 100 women successfully use an abortion pill reversal kit he created. He said, “We’re looking at about 120-130 women right now who have babies that are surviving and doing well and it looks like we have about a 60 percent success rate, which is much better than if you do nothing. We’re hoping that this gives a woman a choice when she thinks she made a mistake. I want to save the baby and do whatever I can to help, and this gives an immediate choice to her.” 1

State Representative Tony Tinderholt (R) will discuss from his heart why he felt led to file House Bill 948,  Abolish Abortion in Texas Act. He will provide insights into what happened to the bill, the public controversy that followed, and what his future plans are for leading the charge to a legislative victory in Texas.    

Is waiting on the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade the way to end legalized abortion? Should an abortionist be subject to the same justice as someone who murders a person outside the womb? What about a person who hires the abortionist? Can’t we just regulate abortion to death? Attorney Bradley Pierce will take these questions head-on in this fast-paced talk that will challenge almost everything you have ever been told about how to end abortion.

Pastors John Bray and Peter Allison will bring the ethical implications found in God’s Word for Christians living in a land that allows the legalized murder of its children.  ​They will provide insight from the Bible on what the Christian’s response to abortion should be.

1 http://www.lifenews.com/2015/03/05/doctor-saves-over-120-babies-from-abortions-heres-how-he-did-it/