Voting: Principled or Pragmatic?

How Should Christians vibell-1117342_1920ew politics?
Should we even vote?
Who do we vote for?
Isn’t politics dirty?

Voting: Principled or Pragmatic is an event to encourage Christians to understand the biblical principles about voting, and to practically apply them to their life today. Our goal is to cut through the confusion that has led many well-meaning Christians to an unbiblical statist mindset. We will lay the foundation of God’s Word as the standard by which Christians should view voting and decide if, when, and how we are to take proper action as Christian citizens of America.  On September 23-24, 2016 we will be bringing in experts from across the nation to Conroe, TX to encourage and build up the body of Christ

Topics we plan to cover:
Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?
The Temptations of Magistrates
The Standard of Good Government
3rd Party Voting: Wasted or Wise?
The Profile of a Good Legislator
Covenanted Christian Voting